Tuesday, May 28, 2024


(Dedicated to all who resist hatred)

What was my contribution in determining my race?

How much did I commit into deciding my skin color?

Which religion did I embrace before coming to the world?

Did I choose my parents?

Nature could have created me as a member of another group,

But I found myself where I found myself!

Chances were, my parents could have been

Africans, Americans, Arabs, Asians, Europeans, Hispanics, Indians, or Jews.

I could have been an atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, or Muslim!

Nature could have created me as a member of a different race,

And I could have embraced a different religion!

If nature was a game of chance; therefore,

Why should I hate?

Why should I hurt?

Why should I despise the man who could have been my brother?

Why should I scorn the woman who could have been my sister?

Why should I murder in the name of the loving God?

Why should race and religion bestow me odium?

What if God was neither black nor white?

What if the Almighty was neither Christian nor Muslim?

And LOVE was the only RELIGION he recognized?

It is time for TOLERANCE by all, for all.

© Dele Ajaja, 2003


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